Games of Life

There it was again – the dreaded claw game. You know the one. Brightly lit, fully stocked, money consuming toy game leaving children desperately begging for $.50 more cents because they’re soooo close to winning! Yep, that’s the one! And every time we walk out of this one particular store, there it is calling – NO SCREAMING – my little girl’s name. Come play me! It always displays the best, most highly desirable toys on top and you get just close enough to “the win” to keep you coming back. Again and again…AND AGAIN.

We adults play this game too; only at a much higher price. Whether it’s the next beauty product, smaller dress size, perfect outfit, the latest technology, better relationship, nicer car, bigger house, or moving up the corporate ladder, we chase after these things that seem so promising yet fail to deliver – at least long term. They’re all within our grip. Close enough to keep us coming back for more. Ultimately, the newness wears off and we’re left wanting more. JUST.ONE.MORE. Never fully satisfied, we fall back to the “claw” game, grasping for the things that slip right through our fingers.

Everyone who “drinks” this water will thirst again but there is One who can satisfy the endless thirst. The endless need for more. Jesus is the spring of living water (John 4:13). A spring that cleanses, restores, and refreshes.

So what brightly lit, fully stocked claw game are you playing? I’ve played many different ones in my life but I want this year to be a year of grabbing onto the only One that truly matters. I know only then will my joy be complete and my thirst fully satisfied!

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