Prodigal Son

While reading the story of the prodigal son, I felt the Lord highlight the part where the son took his inheritance and “squandered it”. As I reread the Scripture over, I sensed Him saying we, as co-heirs with Christ, have been given an inheritance and so often squander it (allow to pass, misuse, waste, throw away).

Many believers think of their inheritance as being Heaven, and that is totally true, BUT we also have an earthly inheritance in Christ available NOW. We have been sealed with the Holy Spirit who is a deposit of our inheritance (Eph 1:11) We can allow defeat, fear, anger, worry, frustration, doubt, and so many other emotions dictate our daily lives or we can claim our victory in Christ…today and everyday. It is available this side of Heaven. If someone left me a $20000 inheritance check, you better believe I wouldn’t wait until I died to cash it! So why do we wait until we die to “cash” the most valuable inheritance there is? Christ died to give us an inheritance for both here on earth and in Heaven. Lets cash in our inheritance!! Here…now!!

And, like a friend said to me a few days ago, girl, “put your stilettos on AND WALK ALL OVER SATAN!”

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