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I have to share something really scary that happened last night.  Normally, I don’t let my youngest eat before dinner but we had been running around so I let her have a cutie orange to tied her over.  I had just finished cooking dinner and went to another room to tell my husband.  Now, I rarely leave the room with my little girl eating but I was simply walking to another room and back, right?  We stood there talking for a minute when my youngest came running in with a look of terror on her face, gaging, and her color changing.  Anyone who has gone through this knows the fear that sets in a parent at that very moment!!  I mean, I know someone whose parent died as a result of choking!!  I immediately started the heimlich and then flipped her over and started banging on her back.  What was only about 30-40 seconds seemed like a lifetime.  Afterwards, as we sat there embracing her and thanking God, the “what ifs” set in.  What if she hadn’t run in, what if I had gone outside….every possible scenario rushed through my mind.  In a matter of only a few minutes, our world could have changed…permanently!  The hugs, beautiful smiles, gently little hands massaging my neck, the sweet sound of my name Mama…gone!!   As the night went on, I started thinking about how quickly life can change and how much we take (speaking personally) for granted.  We get tied up in the hectic rush rush of life and miss the beauty of our loved ones playing out right in front of our eyes.  Those precious moments that can never be relived.  My oldest daughter put it perfectly, “every MINUTE is a blessing”.  So very true!  Can I encourage you today to just sit and be in the presence of your loved ones?  Dishes can wait, laundry can pile up, calls can be returned later but time cannot.  Cherish these fleeting moments because you just don’t know…


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