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Sometimes as a photographer I need to venture outside my norm, refocus and refill…nothing like an espresso shot of creativity to get the juices flowing.  Although I LOVE newborns (and wouldn’t ever give them up), I’m just finding I also love to photograph children more and more.  Their funny faces, big belly laughs, twinkling eyes, wild imaginations, and misquotes just warm my soul!  Things like “Three KIND mice” and “Alvin and the CHICKmunks” are music to the ears.  On a separate note, someone should seriously compile the funny quotes of children into a book…I’d buy it!  Well, this past weekend I decided to move outside the box and take a workshop with one of my favorite photographers Chubby Cheek Photography.  Based in Houston, her work with children is nothing shy of amazing, fun, whimsical, bright, and fresh (check her out if you get a chance…you won’t be disappointed).  During our time together, we got to photograph this adorable little almost 4 year old…Lily.  She is the oldest of 3 and soon to be 4.  Thank you Shalonda for a great time and Julie for allowing us to “borrow” your cutie patootie!!


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