Dallas Child Photographer / Lantana / Grapevine / Southlake / Personal Project

  Day 11: My ballerina, how I love to see you soar…
You are so beautiful my ballerina girl
Dancing sweetly since age four
Tiptoe, twirl, swirl
Always dancing in and out the door…
(Ana Monnar)Grapevine-baby-photographer-captures-little-girl-twirling-in-doorDay 12: Your favorite toy, all tattered and torn. Funny out of all the Barbie’s, baby dolls, and stuffed animals, this one is her favorite. My hubby gave this puppy to me 10 or 11 years ago and it sat in our armoire for years collecting dust until she got ahold of it. Now, it goes EVERYWHERE with her…I swear it’s sown to her arm. Poor pup recently had to have “surgery” to refill the stuffing! love…little-girl-playing-taken-by-lifestyle-photographer-Dallas
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