Tiny Sparrow Foundation / Dallas Newborn Photographer

As a photographer, I am soooo humbled to capture those brief moments in others’ lives that are invaluable.  Part of my “DNA” is an absolute love, affection and adoration for both babies and children.  God has blessed us with nothing more precious this side of Heaven than the life of a little one.  That is why I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Tiny Sparrow Foundation.   This wonderful non-profit organization provides lasting memories through photography for the families of children facing terminal illnesses.

Cancer is the most common fatal illness before adulthood!  Cancer…that heart stopping, life altering word every parent dreads hearing.   As a parent, I can only imagine they want to push life’s “pause” button to remember every word, every detail of their face, the soft tender touch of their skin, smell of their hair, and the feel of their tiny lips as they give a precious kiss.  The daily things we take for granted become the most treasured memories when cancer enters the scene.  Think for a moment about these little children…Between the surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and long extended hospital stays, these precious ones simply want to run, play, and get dirty like any other child.  While we cannot stop time, we can certainly capture those moments in time and create lasting memories…“A Picture of Hope”

If you know a family who may benefit from this foundation, please contact them.  If you would like additional information or would like to donate to this organization, please visit http://tinysparrowfoundation.org/.  You may also want to read some of the stories.  I must warn you, you will need Kleenex.  These families truly need our prayers and support.

I’m now off to squeeze, kiss and treasure my children!!


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